• Kannelle Hughes

New Chapter : Karibu Kenya 🇰🇪

I haven’t written a piece in so long, it’s kinda weird to start laying down thoughts again…

My last entry was mid-June and what have I done since then ? I finished my internship in Saint-Lucia, graduated (mention très bien s’il vous plaît), ENJOYED my summer with my family, staycation & all - especially because I probably won’t be back for a good lil while.

I really didn’t plan to be where I am now. A series of “coincidences” just added up. Simple things, like your student jobs that you took on just to make some side coins, end up having value and being a major asset. Your former boss insisting that you need to create a LinkedIn profile (merci Sophie !).

Although the initial idea was to remain in the Caribbean, interesting, decently paid positions are few and far in between - unless... Lemme not even go there.

I am at a place in my life where I honestly don’t know what it will look like in 2 years. I DO NOT KNOW. This is my season of “just go with the flow’ 🤷🏾‍♀️ let’s see where the Holy Spirit leads me. The planner in me is cooperating - threw herself in the hammock and been chilling like nobody’s business since.

I was watching a video today and the girl said that not making any plans is allowing for more faith in your life, knowing that God got you and His hands will guide you. Now, this vision has its issues but right this instant, I believe both fate and faith brought me to this place.

Unexpectedly - but in the end not so surprisingly - I landed here, in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Back to Africa.

Unlike many “woke” folks, I don’t see it as some kind of mythical and sacred return to the land of the ancestors and all that jazz. Yes, I’m going to write an article on that topic at some point 👀. Having resided in the south (I’ll forever have love for Jo’burg), I knew I wanted to experience life both in the east and in the west and what better time than now when I have 0 responsibilities, except caring for myself.

I arrived on Friday September 10, 2021. And my, my, my - almost haven't been able to catch my breath since. As far as first impressions go - cue Annie - “I think I’m gonna like it here…”🎶

New chapter.

Karibu Kenya.


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